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Welcome to AD International, supplier of Export quality Farm Fresh Fruits and Vegetables sourcing direct from Government Certified Farmers. Our office is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We can supply Farm Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Nationally and Internationally according to our customer demand.After years of experience in supplying Farm Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Nationally, we have started our Import & Export Company AD International in Mumbai for Exporting Farm Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Internationally. We are very close to the western port of Mumbai (JNPT) which is advantage for our company AD International for exporting Farm Fresh Fruits & Vegetables to the International Market.

Fresh Pomegrantes

We are one of the exporters of Farm Fresh Fruits & Vegetables in India, delivering export quality farm fresh fruits & vegetables sourced direct from Indian Government approved and Certified GAP and GI Registered farmers.We cater with utmost hygiene and ensure the best quality farm fresh fruits & vegetables for our valuable clients. Our Farm Fresh Produce range from Fresh Red Onions, Fresh Juicy Tomatoes, Fresh Lime & Fresh Green Chilly in the Fresh Vegetables Counter To Fresh Banana, Fresh Grapes, Fresh Pomegranate & Fresh Sapodilla/Chikoo in the Fresh Fruits Section.

The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) has designed the pack house in appropriate to handle inflow to outflow of the produce in a unidirectional manner with no chances of cross infestation/contamination. Absolute isolation between stacking/holding area; grading, sorting and packing area; PQ inspection area and post inspection storage area according to the international standard set by (APEDA) Government of India, all under one roof.

Export Quality Farm Fresh Fruits & Vegetables are exported to the international market based on the phytosanitary inspection at the pack houses approved jointly by NPPO/APEDA with adequate facilities for inspection and examination, and the fresh produce is packed under the supervision of plant quarantine officials. Phytosanitary status of the inspected consignments will be secured by proper storage in demarcated quarantine area at the pack house, transported in clean & disinfested vehicles. Loading of the consignment at exit point will be ensured in clean and disinfested cargo containers, preventing cross contamination.

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Why Choose Us

Years of Agro Experience

Our knowledge in the local market has provided us with a network of several (APEDA)approved farmers and (APEDA) approved facilities for serving our customers with the best quality farm fresh produce.

Recognized Certifications

We are certified by several government bodies of India for Fruits & Vegetable Export. We follow rules set up by Indian Government and International Bodies such as APEDA, GAP, GI and other regulatory bodies.

Safety & Quality Inspection

We make sure that the farm fresh produce is pesticide free, safe for consumption and of the best quality as per national and international standards set by (APEDA).

APEDA Approved Farmers Network

APEDA approved farmers network across Maharashtra provides us with a niche to serve our customers with the best farm fresh produce as per their requirements.

Trust & Transparency

More than any other criteria, our client relation involves trust and transparency to make sure that we stay in for the long term business relation rather than quick profits.

Pesticide Free Farm Fresh Produce

Our export quality farm fresh produce are pesticide free and as per APEDA & International standards. We make sure that the farm fresh produce are hygienic and healthy.

Farm Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Exporter from India | AD International